About Us

Mission Statement and Philosophy


Our main concern is the whole child.  We are interested in helping each child reach his/her potential in all areas of growth, including: cognitive, emotional, physical and social.


Our program will provide opportunities for your child to fulfill his/her potential through:

  • Firsthand experience in social relationships

  • Physical development of large and small muscles

  • Finding acceptable outlets for emotions

  • Stimulating experiences which encourge the child to think, analyze problems, and develop basic skills necessary for future educational experiences.

It is essential for the young child to acquire a desire for knowledge.  At the same time the child should develop a strong self-image and independence which are necessary to function in today's society.  In addition, we feel that it is important for every child to practice consideration for those around them. 


We have made a commitment to offer a happy and loving environment in which a child may thrive and be challenged yet still feel a strong sense of security and unconditional support. 


Our Policies


Children must be at least two years of age and toilet trained or working on becoming toilet trained.  If the child is not toilet trained, it is the responsibility of the parents to furnish diapers and wipes, labeled with their child's name.


Please send in a zip-lock bag labeled with your child's name of an extra set of clothing in case of a spill or an accident.


If your child is napping, please send in a crib sized sheet and a small blanket, labeled with your child's name. NO PILLOWS, PLEASE.


If your child will be staying for lunch, please provide a healthy lunch. You may send in "warm ups" in a microwaveable safe container. Please- no soda or candy.

The school will provide a snack at 10am and 3:30pm.


The school is open year round, with the exception of legal holidays and other designated days.


A child must be enrolled a minimum of two half day sessions per week.  This is necessary for the child to establish a routine of attending school and to bond with teachers and their peers.




Registration fee is $75 per child

There is a minimum of two days per week attendance

Cost for a FULL DAY is $34 per day if potty trained, $37 per day if NOT potty trained

Cost for a HALF DAY is $27 per day if potty trained, $30 per day if NOT potty trained

                 (Children NOT potty trained must provide DIAPERS)

Cost for Kindergarten care while in school is $24.50 per day

Cost for School age care while in school is $16.50 per day

                  (When child are here for a full day because Elementary                     schools are not in service, fee reverts to the "full day"                       cost)

Hours of operation: 6:45 am to 6 pm

Half day ends at 11:50 am if the child does NOT bring a lunch,

12:30 pm if the child DOES bring a lunch.

Preschoolers nap from 12:40 pm to 2:45 pm

Upcoming Events:
Preschool Pictures and Holiday Festivities


Preschool Pictures will take place in the fall and spring. Permission slips will go home two weeks prior. Please submit the permission slip with $40 cash attached to have your child's picture taken.


Holiday parties: Parents have the opportunity to bring goodies to several parties throughout the year. A sign up sheet will be located on the door in the "cubby" room before the parties.   Without your support and participation, our parties would not be such a success!!

We make "Graham Cracker" houses each December. Again, parent volunteers are needed to make this project a success. No prior experience necessary. Frosting and candy included! 

Dinosaur Shirts: Each April, the children will be making "Dinosaur Shirts." This is the most exciting project of the year! You will have the chance to buy a plain tee shirt for $5 for  your child. Parent volunteers will be needed to help the children make their shirts. This is one project you are not going to want to miss.

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