About us

We are a Private school which specializes in providing social and educational skills to young children, ages 2 through kindergarten, in an exciting and fun manner! Our goal is to prepare your child for success in their future academic endeavors.


Each classroom is set up to enrich each child with the educational skills that will be needed for academic success. The children are placed in classes with children of their same age. This ensures that your child will be learning age appropriate skills. We also have a school age program that delivers and picks children up from Fair Oaks and Magnolia Elementary schools.

Meet our staff

Our staff that works at the Learning Tree Preschool do so because they love children! Each staff member at the Learning Tree Preschool has earned their Early Childhood Units as required by State Law. Each staff member has been CPR/First Aid certified.

Each staff member has a vested interest in your child having a successful, educational, fun-filled time while they are in our care!

Contact us

We are now accepting applications for all ages.  Come join the fun today!


Call 209-847-4050 for more information

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