"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​2-3 Year Old Preschool Classes

In the 2-3 year old classes, we welcome children from the day of their second birthday, whether or not they are potty trained. It is a goal of ours to work with you to potty train your child as soon as possible. Keep in mind that each child is unique and has their own personal schedule as to when potty training can be accomplished. In the classroom, the children are having fun exploring their environment.  While it may look like we are "just playing", your child is learning how to share, to use their words and how to treat their friends with respect. We encourage the children to use their manners. We teach the children socialization skills, as well. They learn how to ask for what they want instead of using their hands and feet. They learn how to treat their peers and other adults with respect, and how to follow instructions.  The children are being exposed to colors, shapes, letters and numbers. It is especially important to be at school by 8:30 am. This allows your child time to play with their friends before they come in for circle time. During circle time, the children are learning their letters and numbers, discussing the weather, singing songs and getting to know each other.

​3-4 Year Old Preschool Classes


As in the 2-3 year old classes, the children are being exposed to their colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Again, it is very important to be at school by 8:30am. At this age, the children are expected to sit for longer periods of time, which enables the teacher to work with your child on holding a pencil correctly. The children are encouraged to practice writing their names. We just don't write on paper, we use different mediums to teach. We even get crazy and use shaving cream on tables to practice our letters! We strive hard to make learning a fun and exciting experience for each child.

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

n these two classes, the children are still exposed to their colors, shapes, letters and numbers, but they are held accountable for sitting still longer and being able to accomplish so much more! We strive our best to have these children ready for kindergarten by the time they graduate our program. Most children, after having completed their time in one of these two classes, can write their name, raise their hand before they blurt out an answer, know their letters and numbers "out of order", be able to effectively use the different mediums that they will be expected  to use in kindergarten and be able to take care of themselves. From our meetings with the kindergarten teachers, they would especially like it if the children could handle their own personal needs, such as tying their shoes, zip or button their pants, be able to put on and take off their jackets and sweaters, and be able to take care of business in the restroom. During the latter part of May, we hold a Graduation Party, complete with  a jump house and a snow cone machine, to celebrate those who will be leaving preschool and continuing their education at Kindergarten.  


After School Program

Learning Tree transports children to and from Fair Oaks Elementary and Magnolia Elementary Schools. Children are walked to Fair Oaks and driven in our van to Magnolia. We have booster seats for those who still are required to be in a booster seat by law. Once your child arrives at Learning Tree, we start on their homework. Due to time constraints, we do not do individual reading with each child. We leave that for parent child bonding at home. There are various activities, such as games, group projects, art projects, and outside time scheduled each day. During the Summer months, the children go on field trips and have exciting activities planned. There are different rates charged for school age care, depending on whether the child is in Kindergarten or one of the upper grades. On those days that the elementary schools are closed and we are still open, we provide day care at a full day rate.

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